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Tuition Fees


At the Ontario Firearms Safety Academy, we pride ourselves in providing good value.

Graduates receive a comprehensive package with detailed instructions, and all appropriate paperwork,  All Tuition fees include the appropriate examinations!. ($60-$85 value) 

Fees are payable in full upon arriving to the class.

All students require a course manual for each course. Effective July 9, a new CFSC Program and Manual has come into effect. All students will have to purchase the new manual. All former versions (green cover) will be obsolete and unacceptable for class use.

Study manuals may be purchased in advance, or borrowed from friends, family members or libraries, and therefore not included in the course tuitions.

Manuals will also be available for purchase at the beginning of the class. Firearms Safety Course Manuals are $21.00 each. The Ontario Hunter Education Course Manual is $25.00.

We do not ship student manuals. If you wish to get one in advance of the course, you may pick it up at our Oxford Sportsmans Club location on any Saturday that we are holding a course.


Training Course Tuition  Manual

Canadian Firearms Safety Course:

A one-day program to obtain a Non Restricted Firearms Licence (PAL) This program is designed for individuals who wish to obtain their Firearms licence

 $180.00 $21.00


Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course:

One day training course to obtain a Restricted Firearms Licence. Individuals must already have successfully completed the non-restricted course and test.

Notice: This is a 6-hour add on CRFSC. Restrictions apply.





Ontario Hunter Education Course:

We only provide the "shortened" version as part of a "One Stop" program. Students wishing to complete only the Hunter Education portion must provide written proof of completion of the CFSC or a valid Firearms Licence. This program is for individuals who already have their licence for firearms, but wish to also obtain a licence to hunt in Ontario. Restrictions Apply.




One Stop Course:

(Firearms Safety Course and Hunter Education Course combined)

Two day program for Non-restricted Firearms Licence, AND Ontario Hunting Licence with a gun. The first day is the CFSC, and the second day is the Hunter Education Program.

This course is for individuals who presently have no licences, and wish to get a licence to hunt with a gun in Ontario.

$370.00 $46.00

All Tuition Fees are net, Payable the day of the Course. Cash Only