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Canadian Firearms Safety Course 
Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course
Ontario Hunter Education Program

Submitting this registration form is your commitment to attend the courses indicated, however seats in the class are not confirmed until a deposit is submitted. If the deposit is not submitted in 7 calendar days from submission of this form, the seat will be added back to the the "Open spots" column of the course schedule and be available for someone else to book. If you are registering for a course less than 10 days from the class date, the deposit must be sent within 24 hours.


Course Cost

Course Cost Manual Total Deposit required
CFSC only $237.00 $21.00  $258.00 $129.00
CRFSC only $237.00 $21.00  $258.00 $129.00
OHEP only $219.00 $21.00  $240.00 $120.00
One Stop CFSC+Hunter Education $408.00 $42.00  $450.00 $225.00
One Stop CFSC+CRFSC $429.00 $21.00  $450.00 $225.00
Big One Stop CFSC+CRFSC+OHEP $574.00 $42.00  $616.00 $308.00

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