Course Schedule

All of our scheduled program dates are posted in the chart below. This schedule is updated as regularly as we can and often several times per day.

Monitor this website for updates. We post all new dates as soon as they become available, generally about 3 months ahead.

All training courses are located at 21599 Cherry Hill Road, Thorndale ON N0M 2P0 unless otherwise indicated in the schedule.

Seats are available until the available seats are marked as 0 in the "Open Spots" column. Occasionally seats reappear in the 'Open Spots' column if a student cancels or does not submit their deposit in a timely manner.


Weekends are a busy time for inquiries, so on teaching weekends I return calls and emails in the order they come in either late Sunday night or on Mondays (after 4 coffees).


We do not maintain an unpaid "waiting list". If you want to take a course, register and submit a deposit for the earliest course that has open spots that you are able to attend and indicate your desire to move to an earlier class if one becomes available. If there is a cancellation or another student does not confirm their spot in the class with a deposit, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to move up your training date. If no one cancels, your original date that you signed up will be the course that you will attend.


Courses listed as "One Stop" CFSC/CRFSC or CFSC/OHEP (Hunter Ed) courses do not have to be taken the same weekend to get the "One Stop" price. It is often a good idea to split up the training sessions for younger students (and some adults) as the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday courses can make for a long weekend of sitting in the classroom. Remember when booking courses that the CFSC (or a valid PAL) must be taken before the OHEP or CRFSC courses. 

With the increased interest and attention to firearms recently, there is a high demand for courses and classes usually fill quickly as we approach the course dates. If you wish to secure a seat in the class do not delay in contacting us by submitting a registration form below by selecting "Register" highlighted in blue on the right hand side of the page.
CourseCourse DatesOpen SpotsRegister
Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Course is FullJune 21-220Register
Ontario Hunter Education ProgramJune 233Register
One Stop CFSC/CRFSC   CFSC is fullJuly 5-70Register
CRFSC StandaloneJuly 74 
Canadian Firearms Safety Course - Off site in Washago, ON Course is full.July 12,130Register
Canadian Firearms Safety Course and
Ontario Hunter Education Program One Stop Course
(take one course or both)
July 19-210Register
Ontario Hunter Education Program (standalone)July 213Register

Canadian Firearms Safety CourseJuly 26,271Register
Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (standalone)Aug 35Register
(take one or both)
Aug 9,10&1110Register
Ontario Hunter Education Course (standalone)August 1110Register
Canadian Firearms Safety CourseAug 16,1710Register
One Stop CFSC/CRFSC (take 1 or both)Sept 6-89Register
Canadian Firearms Safety CourseSept 13,1410Register
One Stop CFSC/Hunter Ed (take 1 or both)Sept 20-228Register
Canadian Firearms Safety Course October 25,2610Register
Canadian Firearms Safety Course (or One Stop CFSC/OHEP Nov 1,2,3)November  1,210Register
Ontartio Hunter Education Program (standalone)November 310Register