Shooting clay targets either informally with friends or in organized formats like trap, skeet, five stand and sporting clays are excellent ways to practice and improve our wing shooting abilities. (and a pile of fun to boot!!)

We are working on plans to hold a Trap Shooting Clinic at one of the local Gun Clubs. We will have experienced (and accomplished) members on the shooting line to work with you to show you the basics of shooting clay targets in an organized and safe way. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. 

Once plans have been formalized we will be taking registrations for the day. You can bring your own suitable ammunition and firearm(ammo information below) or we can supply ammunition these for you to shoot. Watch this page for updates.

The proposed fee structure (to be determined) is as follows:

Cost of clay birds per round of 25                              $10.00
Cost of ammunition (25 round box)                           $15.00
Total cost per round                                                   $25.00

Expect to shoot at least 1 round or if you choose, or as many as 3 rounds for the day.

Ammunition requirements:
Gun clubs are approved for specific ammunition on thier ranges.
Shotgun ammo for shooting trap at the club is required to be lead shot of # 7 1/2, #8 or #9 size shot. 
12 gauge, 3 dram loads can be loaded with a maximum of 1 1/8 oz of lead shot.
20 gauge, 2 1/2 dram loads can be loaded with a maximum of 7/8 oz of lead shot.

Here is an opportunity to learn from experienced shooters in a safe and friendly environment either on your own or with friends. Plans are to have some firearms retailers and distributors to answer questions and show you some typical guns that you may be interested in purchasing as you move forward in the sport.

Lunch (hotdogs and hamburgers, pop, water and coffee) will be available at a reasonable cost.

We are excited to move forward with these plans to offer a Trap Shooting Clinic in cooperation with our project partners and hope that you can join us for what is shaping up to be a great day!